Madison Arts Program Grant Award

We are excited to announce that the Friends of Sid have received a grant from the Madison Arts Program to help us clean up the house and yard and prep for an interactive event for the community! We’ll post updates and details as they develop, and look for an event to be scheduled late summer/early fall.

Ongoing Operations – Annual Donor Option

So, now we own Sid’s house and all the art found there! Exciting, right? But also daunting. We have begun to undertake projects like cleaning up the yard, cleaning and restoring artworks, planning public events and developing working agreements with partner organizations. We are able to apply for grant funding for much of the art conservation and exhibition work. However, other expenses, like insurance and municipal services, must be covered by other fundraising methods. To help us meet those costs, we invite you to become an annual donor to the Friends of Sid Boyum operations fund. This fund will be used for regular, ongoing expenses not covered by various grant awards. Knowing that we can count on your annual support will allow us to plan better, allocate resources and focus our efforts on our mission – preserving and promoting Sid’s artistic legacy.

Visit the Donations page to subscribe for a recurring donation via PayPal!